No-SCM Pumpkin Pie

I usually prepare for the holiday baking season by doing two things: buying pumpkins to bake and mash, and procuring sweetened condensed milk (SCM) to add to the pumpkin when it is ready to become pie. 

I had a lot of pumpkin left after Thanksgiving and was also just plain craving pie. BUT I didn’t have any SCM to make my good-as-gold pumpkin pie recipe, which came stuck on the side of a little pie pumpkin I bought years ago. “Joy of Cooking” has a pumpkin pie recipe that doesn’t call for SCM, but it wanted me to add evaporated milk instead — another something I didn’t have on hand. 

Starved for pie, I consulted the interwebs for pumpkin pie recipes not calling for SCM or evaporated milk. I stumbled across a blog that referenced this recipe for a sweetened condensed milk substitute, which looked promising. I gave it a shot. 

What I got in the end was something very much like shoofly pie — a whole lot of brown sugar,  and not even a hint of pumpkin. It was even too sweet for my sweet-tooth tastes. 

Does anyone else have a great substitute for SCM?

If I find a winner, I’ll publish my pumpkin pie recipe with it. 


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